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Hindsight: In Eager Expectation

It was about a year ago today (give or take a few days) that I was "officially" no longer an employee at Humana Insurance Company.  I remember that day.  My heart was a little heavy and a little sad to leave the memories and the life experiences behind of my corporate world "glory days".  I had entered Humana a shy and literally wet haired girl (I can't even talk about it to this day, but had to live with it on my ID badge) and graduated, eight years later, a mom. 

I began my journey at Humana by spending three and a half grueling years in the trenches, also known as the call center.  I learned how to talk to someone who was yelling at me with a smile on my tone and answer questions about life, babies, and death in three minutes and sixty five seconds (in all fairness, they threw out the average handle time towards the end of my phone term).  After my time as a call representative, I was a team lead (who took all of your supervisor calls), a concierge specialis…