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Dear Leonardo Eaven Inman - A Letter to My Rainbow Baby on Mother's Day

Ten and a half months ago I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Leonardo Eaven Inman (we call him Leo). If you have been following my writing, you would know Leo's middle name, Eaven, is in honor of his big sister, Ezraela Eaven, who is waiting for us in heaven. The last two and a half years since we lost her have been some of the most challenging years of my life. This is the first Mother's Day since I lost Ezraela that I can find a deep joy in my children. All of my children. Each of their lives, no matter how long or so very short, had meaning and value. And they will all three be forever engraved on my heart. 

Dear Leonardo Eaven Inman - A Letter to My Rainbow Baby Written on January 20, 2016

As I rock you gently tonight, holding you closely, watching your chest rise up and down as you breathe, I cannot help but think of her, my sweet boy. Your precious closed eyes and long lashes as they graze your soft skin. I wonder what she would have looked like. Would she have looked j…