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A Birth Story: For the Miscarried Child and the Mother She Left Behind

The other night as I was spending way too much time on Facebook, I came across a blog titled, "A Birth Story", written by a woman, named Carrie, who had a biological child and then later, adopted a second little girl into her home.  She spoke about the stresses of labor as she delivered her first child and uncertainties of the adoption of her second child.  She said, "And in that moment, our daughter was born. But to be perfectly honest, it isn’t when I feel like I fully became her mother."

I thought back to the birth of my sweet little girl, Alexandria, who just recently had her third birthday.  I had to deliver her by c-section because she was breeched.  The doctors attempted to do an ECV prior to the c-section, but I have a septum in my uterus, so Alexandria (much like her spicy little temperament) would not budge.  She was bright red when she came out from all of the pushing and her poor little nose was crooked and her ear had grown folded over.  She was absolu…

Lessons From an Olympic Aquabike

The day started in the wee hours of the morning with the cries of our almost 3 year old daughter, Alexandria.  Her sleep habits had been off the past few months since she was potty training and that day was no exception.  She ended up in our bed and amidst my strange dreams and fitful sleep, her Dada went and slept in her room.  Just a few hours later I woke up to the rumble of thunder and the crash of lightening.  I am not going to worry, I am not going to worry.  This does not mean anything.  I told myself as I groggily reached for my glasses and made my way to the bathroom.  I gently closed the door, so not to wake my sleeping child, and reached for my phone.  As fast as my fingers could fly, I navigated my way to check the weather.  Things did not look good.  After closer inspection on my computer at the radar maps, things looked pretty bad.  Rain, lightening, thunder for the entire day.   The websites could not keep up with the changing weather patterns.  Every 5 minutes the chan…

God of Miracles (Call and Response)