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I Can't Keep Silent: Fighting Against a Rape Culture

Everyone knows this election season has been frustrating on so many levels. Typically this time of year, every four years it is, but most will admit this time it is different. I have been hesitant to write anything myself on politics because frankly, I'm not that well versed on all of the facts and am not looking to win any debates. I have two small children, a 15 month old baby boy and a five year old little girl and I just don't have time or brain capacity to memorize a bunch of facts that may or may or may not be true (depending on which news outlet you believe). So, I've stayed silent. Avoided political debates. Have not posted anything on social media, because let's be honest, nothing you say is probably going to change the minds of anyone who reads your post. Most people have already decided how they feel about each candidate and your one or two sentence status update is not going make any difference. 
But now, something greater than just an election has come up…