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Ezraela Eaven's Would Be First Birthday

 Just last week we celebrated my daughter’s fourth birthday. Every 365 days she gains another year I always marvel at how quickly the past year has gone. In our house we celebrate birthday week, which included a park play date party and also a weekend camping trip with friends. If there is anything I have learned to strive to do, it is to cherish the moments you have with your children because you never know how long they will last. You never know how many birthdays they will have.

Today should have been the first birthday of my second daughter, Ezraela Eaven. Because of all of the excitement about Alexandria’s birthday and also the impending birth of my third child, May 29 snuck up on me. After we were done with Alexandria’s birthday week, I began to reflect on what this week would have looked like for Ezraela, had she made it past 18 weeks gestation. I remember bits and pieces of the preparations for Alexandria’s first birthday, where friends and family would gather to ce…