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The Day My Earth Stood Still

"Darkness and death are weighty, and our emotions, our actions, even our beliefs may bend at pressure. But our God does not." She Reads Truth
It was a bleak, cold day in the city. The wind whipped around my body and chilled me from the tip of my nose to the end of my big toe.

"Where's your hat?" My husband asked.

Being the bright one that I am, I refused to wear my hat because I didn't want to mess up my hair.

Minutes later we were standing in front of the Holy Name Cathedral. We walked up to the building and let ourselves in. Within a matter of seconds our bodies went from numbing cold to being full with toasty warmth.

Being a Protestant, we don't put much stock in church buildings (at least that's what we tell ourselves) because the people are the church, not the church building. But there is something about walking into a Catholic church with it's high ceilings and stained glass. The rows of pews with their kneeling benches. That any given tim…