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To tomato or not tomato? That is the question.

To tomato or not to tomato?  That is the question.

The answer, if you have interstitial cystitis (aka I.C.), would be "not to tomato".  I.C. is a painful bladder syndrome that requires those who are affected by it (like moi) to avoid acidic foods.  Numero uno on the foods to avoid list is tomatoes (Among many other things.  Check out the I.C. diet cheat sheet for more information.  Keep in mind that every is affected differently by different foods).  You say to yourself, "What?  No tomatoes?  You've got to be crazy!"  And trust me, my friends, this isn't a "no I don't like tomatoes" issue, this is a "if you eat tomatoes you will regret it and may end up in the ER issue".  I kid you not.

Needless to say, it can be very challenging to prepare a tasty meal for someone who has I.C., but it can be done.  I was diagnosed with I.C. over five years ago and over these years I have developed some I.C. friendly recipes that…

Mourning on New Year's Day

I apologize for all of the old blogs that I am re-posting.  This one is a blog I wrote after 100 Pakistani people were killed at a volleyball game on New Year's Day.  The story moved me quite a bit.  Here is the news story.

"Everybody was happy before the explosion, but today we are mourning." Mohammed Qayyum

I cannot imagine what it would feel like to live in this kind of fear. As Americans we live in a fairly safe, stable society. Granted we have experienced significant tragedy in the past ten years, but if we are honest with ourselves we will realize that we will never know what it means to live in a war torn land. To fear each time you go out of your home that you may never see it again and wonder as you sleep at night in your bed if this will be your last day.

Can you imagine what it would be like? Waking up in your bed on New Year's day. Excited about the festivities that your town was having. A volleyball tournament. You think of the night b…

My Pain Song. (You will not win)

The Quandary of the Fly and the Watermelon

It's watermelon season and I thought you might enjoy a post I wrote almost two years ago in the heat of the summer.

As I sit on my back deck I am a witness to a an interesting scene. I ventured outside to enjoy the pleasant September afternoon with hopes to get some overdue reading done. To celebrate the cool temperatures I bring a coffee cup that is steaming full of delicious goodness of a half orange juice, half carrot juice concoction . It escaped my thoughts that the flies would also enjoy the sweet fruit and vegetable combo and entertain thoughts of invading my pleasant space.

And they did. Within seconds I had an army of at least 20 pesky flying critters with their incessant buzzing and gnarly little hands and bulging eyes swarming around me. Each one was determined that it was going to get a taste of my drink. I knew if they kept it up there was no way I was going to get any reading done. I tried to shoo them away, but it was useless. What a fly wants a fly get…

Blessing the Gazelle


Rick Allen, Dad Extraordinaire