Blessing the Gazelle

Father's Day Morning 2012
 Today is my husband, John Mark Inman's, second Father's Day.  Although his first Father's Day was celebrated without much fanfare in a sleep deprived daze.  This year we are not just celebrating Father's Day, but have been celebrating Father's Day weekend because he is just that special.  I could write you lists and lists of why he is an amazing Father, but I think I will share with you something he wrote for our sweet baby girl when she was blessed back in October.  When you read it, you will see for yourself what an amazing father and man he is. 
Happy Father's Day, Da-Da

1) There are only three things that still get blessed. Food, people who sneeze, and a special class of southerners who get their little hearts blessed.

2) Blessing is God’s good intention for the world made specific, personal and verbal.

3) Blessing is not so much a moment, however perfect that moment may be. Blessing is a movement. It is a gift of potential.

4) We don’t bless anyone today because we don’t want to over-commit God or ourselves.

13 Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us, for it is written: “Cursed is everyone who is hung on a pole.”[h] 14 He redeemed us in order that the blessing given to Abraham might come to the Gentiles through Christ Jesus, so that by faith we might receive the promise of the Spirit.

There once was a gazelle named Blessing. This gazelle is born at the dawn of creation. Blessing was the cherry on top of God’s good creation. Blessing the Gazelle made the world sing. Blessing had his own reality show on cable and everyone watched with sheer delight.

There were also two lions who lived at that time. One named Sin and one named Death.

Blessing the Gazelle was given to Adam and Eve as their cherished pet. But one sad day, Sin and Death mauled and devoured Blessing.

Instead of singing, the world now wept.

But Blessing the gazelle was no ordinary gazelle. He had regenerative powers. Later he appeared to Noah. But shortly after he appeared, he was once again mauled by the two terrible lions, Sin and Death.

After meeting up with Sin and Death the second time, Blessing was given to Abraham so that Blessing could dwell with Abraham’s children in his own little pasture. Blessing would be Abraham’s family’s pet for generation after generation.  Blessing would bring joy and happiness and productivity to the land. In fact, Blessing would bring so much happiness to this land, that the land itself becomes a source of happiness and abundant resourcefulness. Blessing would sing his gazelle songs and do his gazelle dances. His joy and radiance were light to all the surrounding territories.

Unfortunately for Blessing, the two evil lions, Sin and Death, were able to sneak across the borders into this happy land. No one is sure how they ever made their way in, but they were rumored to have been smuggled in the hearts of the Abraham’s children.

Sadly for Blessing the Gazelle, the two lions slowly undid all the happiness of the land, picking off Kings and rulers until everyone did what was right in their own eyes. Once Sin and Death had most of the people on their side, they could finally get to Blessing the Gazelle. And one day they did. As the sun went down, Blessing was mauled and eaten. As dusk descended, the people stood by and watched. Yes it was sad to watch, but it was necessary for progress. At least that’s what they told themselves.

With Blessing the Gazelle gone the land would become a place of sadness. The land was defiled and had no choice but to cast Abraham’s children out to the other lands, so the land could rest.

How could this land and Abraham’s children be a blessing to the world under these dark and sad circumstances.

Fortunately, you can’t keep a good gazelle down.

After a long period, Blessing the Gazelle returned to the land. Only this time, Blessing had a handler named Jesus. Jesus himself was blessed and he would lead Blessing the Gazelle around the countryside, letting him off his leash to play with the children and to bring joy to the poor, sick and meek.

The joy that Blessing brought to the land was a threat to Sin and Death. Sin and Death had been spending more and more time in their dens. They only had to work 3 days a week since their plans were being carried out by others, both knowingly and unknowingly.

But soon, they began to notice some joy had returned to the land, so they began to ask around as to what was going on. They didn’t have to ask long as they saw Blessing the Gazelle for themselves.

“What shall we have for dinner”, Sin asked Death? “I’m kind of in the mood for Gazelle”, Death answered, “but there is a problem, this time Blessing has a handler”.

Sin replied, “that shouldn’t be too much of a problem. I’ve managed to trip up all the other humans. I’ll distract this Jesus fellow and then we’ll feast on the scrawny Gazelle”.

But Sin could not get to Jesus. Death then took a stab at it, but every time Death got the crowds to pick up stones or try to push Jesus off a cliff, Jesus would just walk through the crowd and head about his business.

Sin and Death were growing frustrated. “This Jesus fellow will introduce the whole world to this little Gazelle and we’ll be out of business,” they murmured.

Sin and Death decided they would need the help of the rulers of the land to dispose of this Jesus fellow. Once he was out of the picture, then they could have their final feast on Blessing the Gazelle.

The rulers agreed that Jesus was a threat. They had their own reasons, but they carried out the will of the two lions with brutal tenacity.

Jesus was dead. Now, Sin and Death could carry on with their scheme to rid the land and the world of Blessing, once and for all.

Sin and Death searched the countryside. Sniffing and scratching. Digging and asking, “Have you seen that Gazelle who was prancing around these parts? We have business with him.”

Finally, they found Blessing the Gazelle. It took 3 days, so Sin and Death were growing quite hungry and angry.

They found Blessing in an unmarked grave carved into the hillside.

This will be easy, Sin and Death thought. This stupid gazelle, we’ve got him trapped.

Sin and Death raised their paws and flashed their teeth, ready to maul and destroy Blessing, once and for all.

But then they were greeted by the man they thought was dead, the one who had been hung on the tree.

“Stand down you filthy beasts”, Jesus said.

And then Jesus did smite their ruin on the hillside.  

Jesus then reached his hand into the tomb and led Blessing out.

Blessing’s legs were shaking.

“Blessing”, Jesus said to him, “run free and wild.” “Run through this nation and all the nations. Bring them the joy you brought to earth at the very beginning. Tell them all, “you can sons and daughters of Abraham because you are sons and daughters of God and Jesus, your brother, has come for you. Jesus has defeated sin and death. Rejoice, children of the earth.”

“One more thing, Blessing.” You will have a new caretaker. We’ll call her Church. She is great. You will love her. But at times, she will want to cage you up and keep you all to herself, away from the people of this land and all the lands. When she does that, gently or forcefully(whatever works) remind her, that you belong out there as much as in here.”


Alexandria Kathleen Inman, may you run through life like a gazelle from the plains of the new creation. Free from the fear of Death and from the weight of sin. May you take God’s blessing wherever you go. May you and all your little Revolution friends be the ones to remind us that the blessing belongs out there as much as it does in here. May you never be afraid of over-committing God or yourself because He has already over-committed in Jesus Christ, who loves you and died for you and rose again. 

Copyright 2011 John Mark Inman

Thanksgiving Eve 2011
John Mark giving Alexandria her blessing as she watches him intently.
The day we were able to bring baby A home from the hospital.
This one we will definitely pull out when she starts getting interested in boys!
There's nothing sweeter than a father holding his daughter.


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