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Finding Rainbows

Mumford and Sons
She Reads Truth has been doing a study on the book of Ruth the past two weeks. Quite frankly, I have been slacking in the area of Bible Study the past few months. I realize it's mainly because I have been selfish with my time. I haven't had any desire or energy to give any of it to God. A lot of it is because I haven't felt like doing much of anything in this phase of my life (not an excuse, just a fact) and some of it is that my kids have needed extra attention (which may be related, who knows). My friend recently encouraged a group of us to do the Ruth study together. Knowing that I needed that encouragement and direction in my life, I decided to take the two week challenge on.

If you aren't familiar with the story, the beginning is pretty much a downer. There is this woman who is from Israel, named Naomi, who moves to Moab with her husband and two sons because there is a famine (aka no soup for you) in Israel. Once they got to Moab, Naomi's husb…