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A Reason to Hope: Car Accidents and Gender Reveal Parties

Last week I did something stupid.  It probably lists on the top ten most asinine things that Dorothy Inman has ever done. I kid you not. Wait for it...I ran into a light pole. It was dark, rainy, I was horridly (like your entire face feels like elephants are dancing on it, can't sleep at night) sick, tired and had pregnancy brain. I wasn't even going ten miles an hour and the small hole that was in the bumper was, when you are thinking of things that could happen in an accident, one of the smallest problems you would ever worry about when you thought, "Oh my gosh, what if I got in an accident". My daughter was in the car with me and we both started crying. Not because we were hurt, but because we were scared. Mostly because even at less than 10 miles an hour apparently if you hit a light pole, your air bag will deploy. If you have never had that happen before, trust me, it is freakin' scary. It's even more scary when you are 21 weeks pregnant and you lost you…