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Now My Life Can Begin

In less than two weeks I will have been a stay at home mom for 12 months.  I quit my job so that I could raise my sweet baby girl (who is still sweet, but not so much of a baby anymore) and begin my journey of trying to get noticed in the publishing world.  However, I have learned that life doesn’t exactly always go the way that you have planned.  This is something I had an idea of before, but having a child will definitely make it real to you.  My experience in the corporate world wasn’t always predictable, but there were a few things that I could always (for the most part) count on:  a paycheck, a lunch break and a yearly review.  Not so much with motherhood. It all started with a positive pregnancy test after 2 ½ years of trying.  It was a week before we were supposed start adoption classes.  My pregnancy was anything but ordinary due to a chronic, painful medical condition called interstitial cystitis.  The pregnancy part ended with having a c-section because Alexandria was bre