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A Day In the Life of An IC (Interstitial Cystitis) Patient

I get a lot of questions about interstitial cystitis .  I get them from people who are curious about the condition, people who know someone with it and people who have recently been diagnosed with it.  I get them from people who think they may have it.  Some people may wonder why on earth someone would post such personal things about this medical condition.  It's not so people will feel sorry for me or think of me as a "sick" person.  And it's definitely not to make people feel uncomfortable.  It's to create an awareness about the condition and help people who do have it to know they are not alone, but also to help people who may have it but they haven't been diagnosed yet.  It seems really weird, but after six years talking about my bladder to people it doesn't embarrass me or make me feel like an old woman.  It is just part of my story.  And this is the story (or at least one day of it), that I am sharing with you.  My day usually starts somewhere afte

We Have Come So Far, But Not Far Enough

When I was a child I remember singing the song "Jesus Loves the Little Children".  I loved the song because as a child I loved the thought that Jesus loved me and that I was precious in his sight.  In my sweet, child-like wonder it never occurred to me that there were people who thought that Jesus didn't love all of the children of the world.  That Jesus only loved people who fit a perfect mold of who they thought were the elite and "elect".  With Hitler, it was the ones with blond hair and blue eyes.  With half a nation it was only the white kids that Jesus loved. It wasn't until I was a little older that I started to understand the history behind segregation, Martin Luther King, slavery and Rosa Parks.  I was horrified at the footage of high school students being hit by high pressure water hoses for respectfully protesting in Alabama and saddened with the story of Rosa Parks being asked to go to the back of the bus so a white man could have her seat.  

Birthday Blog: A Clean Slate

There is a saying that goes “another year older, another year odder.”   As I age and notice certain ticks of quirkiness in myself I can’t help to think, “This definitely applies to me”.   Regardless of what beauty products you use or whether you shop in Forever 21 or not, time does not go backwards (regardless of what Doc Brown would like you to believe).   As we age we pick up habits.   Sometimes these are habits we have done our entire life, but it just took us 20, 30, 40 years to realize we were doing them (or a certain spouse to point them out).   Sometimes, because of our friends are or what new circumstances we have been placed in, we gain new quirks.   Either way, good or bad, there they are.   Typically on December 31 st or January 1 st people sit down and review the previous year.   They evaluate what they would like to improve about themselves and what habits they want to kick.   I have been cursed blessed with having my day of birth come just 13 days after the first of

Hearty Chicken Stew with Butternut Squash and Quinoa Remix

This time of year always makes me want to snuggle up in blankets and eat a warm bowl of soup.   If you are like me and have diet restrictions for medical reasons, you can’t just pick up a box of soup at your local Trader Joe’s to cure your cravings.   You have to be a little more creative.   I have sought high and low for a tasty soup/stew recipe that is amazing and I am excited to announce that I believe I have found it.    Over a year ago a friend made me a recipe from Cookin' Canuck  and I was in heaven.  I revisited this recipe this year and have adapted it into an  IC (Interstitial Cystitis) friendly meal that the entire family will enjoy.   There have been quite a few alterations, but the extra spices give it a punch of flavor so that it is more savory and less bland (which is a big battle with IC recipes).   The bonus is this stew is extremely healthy.   Y ou can stick to your IC diet, your New Year’s resolution to eat healthier and have comfort food all at the same time

Worry Less and Love More: Reflections on the Past Year and Resolutions for the Future Year

  As I reflect on the past year there are two things that have been glaringly lacking in my life:   Love and trust.   The people around me may not know it, but I can tell you that my cat and daughter definitely feel it.   Don’t get me wrong, I have accomplished much this past year.   I have raised a child who is now 19 months old and alive!   She is pretty darn smart (although I am pretty convinced she gets that from her father) and the cutest little girl I have ever seen, if I say so myself.   I have co-coordinated an art show and craft show at my church.   Both events brought people into our community that would have normally not set foot inside a church building.   I have started a neighborhood watch program where I live and as a result I have networked and built friendships with people I would have otherwise never come into contact with.   Crime has also reduced in our neighborhood.   In addition I have made so many amazing friends that I do not know how I lived without bef