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Forgiveness: A Mother's Perspective

Yew Dell Gardens   To err is human; to forgive, divine. Alexander Pope When I was in college I made an observation about my mother that would forever change my view of her:  my mom was always quick to forgive her children and she never held grudges against them.  On the journey to becoming an adult, when I reflected on my childhood, I realized that even though I was a "good" kid, I still treated my family, especially my mom, pretty crappy at times.  After I got married our relationship changed.  She was no longer a mother authoritarian figure, but a mother friend.  She would always pick up the phone when I called and any time I was short with her, she was (and is) still eager to forgive.   My Mom and Some of the Grandkids In the book, "Something Other Than God", Jennifer Fulwiler, an atheist who was searching for God, relays a comical story about her son and mother.  At the time she had an 18 month old son and was very pregnant with her second chi