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Crock Pot Mexican Pulled Chicken

I dedicate this blog to my foodie champion mom Vicki Smith.  Since I lost my little girl, Ezraela on 12.31.2013 at 18 weeks pregnant, I have not felt like cooking, much less posting a food blog.  However, every time I did post a picture of what I made for dinner(as I realized eating out every night probably couldn't continue unless you were indeed a Gilmore Girl with very high metabolism and a rocket high food budget), she was the first to tell me how amazing it looked.  Her sweet daughter, Jamie Rose Smith (who is one of my IC sisters) told me the other day that her mom gets so excited when I post those pictures.  So, Vicki, this one is for you.  This is definitely a milestone towards recovery for me.    Get In My Belly! Mexican food is a staple in our house.  And when we go out to eat, half of the time it is to a Mexican restaurant.  Sometimes we eat it once a week and sometimes we eat it four times a week.  Why, you may ask?  First of all, it is usually quick and easy