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An Imperfect, Perfect Day

"I have seen extraordinary women with faith who have changed their kids' lives.  I have seen mothers living with intolerable pain...learn to thrive and even smile because somewhere in their innermost being they made a simple leap-to believe that God would help."   Meg Meeker Ten Habits of Happy Mothers, pg. 57 As a mother with a painful chronic medical condition I worry that my child will know I am different from other moms.  That mama can't go down the slide with her because she feels sick to her stomach from pain and needs to sit down.  That when she does get up and play, some days she is gritting her teeth, each step is more agonizing than the last.  She hopes that her baby girl will not see her grimacing and mistake it as a smile.   Today at the park I was that mother.  The air was crisp and clean.  The sky was a dazzling cornflower blue with fluffy cotton candy like clouds in the sky.  During the walk to the park I was determined to focus on my