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The Visible You

We Spend Many Hours on the Driveway to Survive the Summer Almost exactly six years ago I gave my two week notice to my former employer so that I could transition to being a stay at home mom. When I left, I wrote this long, pompous e-mail to everyone letting them know I wasn't just quitting my job to stay at home. I told them I wanted to be a writer and get the book that I had written published. This was going to be my great chance to stand out in the world. To be something.  Because I couldn't just quit my well paying job to  just   be a stay at home mom.  But then Alexandria happened. Her spicy, spunky, outgoing, energetic personality wore me down and wore me out. I was exhausted. I had a hard time keeping up. When bedtime came there was always a two hour ordeal and then when she finally went to bed, I was spent. After her there were two more pregnancies, and two more deliveries. Motherhood forced me to give 200% of myself. I could barely keep the house clean, do the