Silly Saturday: What's In A Name?

Inspired by one of my new awesome blogger friends, who does "Thankful Thursdays" and my husband who tells me I am too serious on my blogs, I have decided to start writing "Silly Saturdays".  I can tell you that they will most likely be utterly silly and as a result most of you might really roll on the floor laughing (although I highly doubt it because I'm not sure I am really that funny).  I cannot however promise that there will not be a serious side or a moral of the story (sorry John Mark, it is in my genes).

So this is how my week started.  

Food Shoveling with Hands
I have an extremely spirited daughter.  Anyone who knows her is well aware of that fact.  She is type A, high energy socialite.  A very good friend of my recently called her "The Duchess".  And even though she has never met her in person, the title fit.  When we named her I didn't want to have a normal, boring name.  I wanted something that was filled with greatness and potential.  So my husband and I agreed on Alexandria, named after the city in Egypt where the biggest ancient library was and the home of the Greek Septuagint (I know you are saying the Greek what?  You can read more about it here.  Basically it is the Old Testament translated from the Hebrew to the Greek.  If you haven't figured it out yet, we are complete nerds).  I remember an old lady saying to me, "That's such a big name for a little baby."  I can tell you from experience, that it is extremely appropriate.

Exhibit A
She won't wear clothes.  Any moment she gets she pulls her shorts/pants off and says, "Shirt, Shirt Shirt," until you take her shirt off.  At this very moment she is sleeping in her crib without any pajamas.  My husband and I agreed trying to get her to put them on was just a waste of time.  The other day she wore clothes for about two hours.  In a way it is a good thing because if she doesn't spill anything on them in the very short time we save on laundry.  I tell people as long as she isn't doing this when she is 16, we'll be okay.

Exhibit B

This is how I found her Thursday morning when I was getting ready to go to story time at the library.  She was extremely quiet and I assumed that she was just watching "Curious George", but I walked in the living room to find this.  She was covered with sunscreen (thankfully the kind for kids).  It was seriously lathered like cake icing on her legs, stomach and face.  There was even some on the carpet.  My first instinct was to get mad at her, but I couldn't so I just started laughing.  Alexandria loves a good laugh, so she started laughing right along with me.  I had to give her a thorough bath (trust me sunscreen is not easy to get off), but of course I took time for a picture before I did that (what good mom wouldn't?)

Exhibit C
John Mark was recently accepted into Texas A&M (go Aggies!) and Alexandria always loves to wear the hat he bought for himself.  He then thought I needed a hat as well (shown above).  However, when she saw me wearing my hat (it was hiding my unwashed hair), she insisted that I let her wear it.  On the way to dinner that night she said, "heart" the entire way.  She preferred mine over his because mine had a rhinestone heart on it.  What a little diva.

Exhibit D
Every parent wants their kid to have friends.  My child is extremely social.  She smiles at people at grocery stores and when the lady at Kroger gives her a cookie she says, "nice."  I am amazed at how people are drawn to her.  If she doesn't get a hug from someone before they leave she gets so upset and says, "hug" until the hug happens.  Our neighbors 8 and 6 year old kids come over to see if Alexandria can come out and play.  She is only 2.  Their mom tells me that her kids love her.  In the picture above the kids had just gotten a new Super Soaker.  They were running around trying to spray each other with it when I told them they could come get Alexandria.  They were hesitant at first, but after a few seconds, they came over and sprayed cold water on her over and over and over again.  I couldn't stop laughing (while warning them they had better not squirt me!)  Moments like that just make my heart happy.

Exhibit E

Not only did she let me dress her up like a cow for Chic-fil-a's Cow Appreciation Day so that this mama didn't have to cook because we all got free meals, but she even road her bike in our driveway in full cow attire when we got home.

(On a side note we went to Trader Joe's dressed in our cow attire and a worker there told me that she loved my shirt and she needed to paint a shirt like that.  This cracked me up.  I explained to her why I a cow shirt on.  Perhaps I should start a new business). 

By this blog you may think I have the perfect life or the most amazing little girl.  My life is far from perfect (as I am very up front of telling people-see this , and this , and this), but I do have an amazing little girl.  But she is 2.  And she acts like a two year old (and has acted like a 2 year old since she was 14 months old, but I digress).  When she was born she had colic (which I think is another term for fussy baby syndrome) and reflux.  She cried A LOT.  I am not over exaggerating.  A LOT.  John Mark goes into depression mode when he thinks of how much she cried and how little sleep we got when she was a baby.  However, I was determined to take the good with the bad.  If I gave up the seemingly bad things of her personality, then I would have to give up the good things as well.  (Sorry John Mark, getting serious here.)  That means accepting the the tantrum that she had this week at the library.  I mean full out tantrum, throwing down on the ground, screaming, and shoving things.  And accepting the sweet kisses and hugs she randomly gives me throughout the day (I got four hugs after I got home from a long bike ride today.  Mama win!).  It also means that when she uses her hands to eat her cereal I don't get upset because the only person it is annoying is me and she really isn't hurting anyone.  And I'm not saying I never get upset.  Being girls, we cry a lot together.  But in the greater scheme of things, I try and look at the brighter side.  Like when the sun peaks through the clouds on a cloudy day, which she calls "gire works" aka known as "fireworks" to the rest of mankind.  

Exhibit F
Lately she has had a habit of sleeping on the floor.  She wants Mama and Dada to cuddle with her.  This can be extremely tiresome because I have usually already spent all day with her and really need a break, but a wise momma once told me that they grow up so fast and one of these days I will miss when she wants to cuddle at bed time  Tonight when we went through the cuddle routine but instead of lying down and putting covers over herself, she put them on Dada and then put them on me (like we have done so many times for her).  When I went back in there after John Mark cuddled with her awhile she gave me an unprompted kiss on my leg and then was ready to go to bed.  She wanted me to lie on the floor.  I put my head on a pillow and she started throwing a blanket out of her crib and then threw three of her favorite stuffed animals so I would have something to cuddle with too.

 Moments Like This Make Me Feel Like Super Mom

And I don't feel like it is anything I have done.  It's just because my little girl is amazing in her own little Duchess way with a heart as big as the ocean and spunk to accompany it.  Miss Baby A (which is what I call her on social networks), certainly has an appropriate name in my book.  Alexandria Kathleen Inman (and no she can't say it yet, but again if she can by the time she is 16 we will be happy).

And if that didn't make you smile, this is sure to (John Mark did this last year.)  My silly girl.


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